Ice Skating

Our Ice Skating Program is split into two sessions. Session 1 starts the week of October 23rd and last for 9 Classes. Session 2 starts mid January and also last for 9 classes. One can sign up for both or either session.

Cost is $747 per session which includes 9 classes, skate rental and helmet, and skate rink admission. Bus Pick up from your child's school and home drop off is also included in price.

2018 - 2019 Ice Skating Sessions


Session 1 - Starts on October 29th through January 14th.  

No classes on November 12th Veterans Day, Christmas Eve December 24, New Years Eve December 31st, and Martin Luther King Day January 21st

Session 2 - Starts on January 28th through April 1st.

No classes on President's Day February 18th.


Session 1 - Starts on October 23rd through January 8th.

No classes on Election Day November 6th, Christmas Day December 25th, and New Years Day January 1st

Session 2 - Starts on January 15th through March 26th.

No classes on Lunar New Year February 5th and President's Week February 19th.


Session 1 - Starts on October 25th through January 10th.

No classes on November 15th Early Dismissal, Thanksgiving November 22nd, and Winter Break December 27th.

Session 2 - Starts on January 17th through March 28th.

No classes on Mid-Winter Recess February 21st and March 14th Early Dismissal.


Session 1 - Starts on October 26th through January 4th.

No classes on Thanksgiving Weekend November 23rd, and Winter Break December 28th

Session 2 - Starts on January 11th through March 15th.

Possible Add on Day March 22nd

No classes on President's Week February 22nd.